Guide to buying a Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB)

Whether it is new or second-hand, before spending your hard earned cash on a RIB a few things need to be considered and understood. This guide is has been compiled to help you make an informed decision regards to buying a RIB by equipping you with the relevant knowledge to navigate the sales pitch and empower you to decide on a suitable RIB.

The Jcraft range of RIBs

Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs) were conceived over some 20 years ago, mainly for use by organisations such as the R.N.L.I and by the military, the construction met the high demand for a fast response craft that could recover quickly if swamping or a capsize situation occurred thus making it reliable for operating in adverse and extreme weather conditions.

Today RIBS are still used commercially for use at dive schools, Government agencies and the military but now the Rigid Inflatable industry is big business and has been split into several sectors of which the main is the leisure market. Subsequently a wide variety and range of craft are now available. Often described as the 4WD of the sea, the simple principle of the RIBs concept is a low centre of gravity.

Questions and Answers on Construction and Materials

See much more on our Question and Answer page which gives information about construction and materials for rigid inflatable boats (RIBs).

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