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Proud to a British company manufacturing a British product our aim is to follow in the tradition of great British companies and build boats that will become future classics. Our workshop is open for visits, our build process transparent and our suppliers are handpicked from the best in the industry. Below you can see images from our build gallery along with some of our supplier links.

Superior RIB Design

All plugs and molds are constructed in-house at our workshop in West Sussex. From the initial design process through to the finished craft each stage is quality checked to the high standards we set ourselves. Every design decision for our models is founded on knowledge from both research and experience combined to address and solve problems we ourselves have experienced in other craft. Our passion is to build boats with great durability and sea keeping qualities.

Our boats feature;
*An original racing hull design with scalloped chines for a smoother and faster ride.
*Unique consoles with a well thought out practical design using techniques such as split molding to reduce footprint so increasing avaliable deck space.
*Original seating designs that correct issues such as knee jarring, lack of legroom and poor back support.

The Hull

Understanding the demands imposed by extreme conditions at sea the Jcraft build technique adheres to the original RIB concept of a substantial hull lay-up to provide strength along with a low centre of gravity so making them stable at high speed in hostile conditions. Using raw materials that are Lloyds approved our build technique uses a combination of stitch- wovens, chopped strand mat (CSM) glassfibre and application of Isophalic resins to greatly reduce risk of osmosis. All chines and stems are reinforced with Kevlar strips and then overfilled. The overall result is a commercial build, solid and stable hull that exhibits fantastic sea keeping qualities

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Fuel tanks

All craft excepting the 4m are fitted with underdeck fuel tanks. We use plastic tanks as standard, extra is the option of a 316 stainless steel tank. Tanks on the 6m+ models are long range and at 200ltr are 50ltr more than the industry norm enabling refueling stops on the larger boats to be kept to a minimum.
All our our stainless is supplied by the team at Hi Tech Welding Hampshire

Tubes (sponsons)

All Jcraft RIBs are fitted with Hypalon tubes (Orca 828 fabric 1300 gms) We build in the colour of your choice - view colour swatch and all tubes are supplied with a 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee (5 yrs for commercial use) Each set are internally seamed and bonded with the best Lloyds approved quality glue on the market.

Supplier of Jcraft tubes Our tubes are manufactured and supplied by industry expert Paul Tilley at Tidel


Hypalon Diagram

Fit out

We take care to use the space on our consoles to maximise practicality and ease of use whilst maintaining a great aeshetic. We keep you up to date on the latest gadgets and gizmos avaliable and advise on the best suited chartplotters, VHF/DSC etc for your chosen application or RIB size.

Sonic hub




Jcraft - Environment & Ethics

We keep an eye on where we source our materials with regards to reducing or preventing impacts on the environment. Our resins contain a lower styrene content than many other brands whilst wood products are sourced from James Lathams.
As all molds are constructed in-house in the UK using materials sourced from British companies we feel satisifed that we can trace back the supply chain to ensure workers involved in producing and supplying our raw materials are paid a fair wage and work under regulated conditions.


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Here our our three Winter top tips.

Store and cover dinghys well to avoid finding rodent holes in the spring!

Winterise your engine!

Don't leave it until spring to get your repairs done!


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