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Jcraft seating options


The original sit astride pod concept is available in a 1, 2 or 3 man option. All are internally flanged and designed to maximise storage space. Storage options are offered either via a side hatch or beneath hinged seating. Pod recesses can also be added to house quick to hand items such as lines and fire extinguishers.
Upholstered in your choice of colour with or without contrasting piping they are fitted with stainless steel backrests avaliable with or without grabrail.

Atlantic Console

Unique to Jcraft is the internally flanged Atlantic console. An ideal cruising or offshore racing console the fit out area can house the largest colour plotters on the market. The consoles well thought out design is apparent in the unique concave shape at its base that functions to increase legroom and provide support that prevents knee jarring when cruising at speed. At the front of the console is a lockable access door that offers a huge amount of storage space for safety equipment and valuables.

Console Features

  • Large offshore compass
  • Two Stainless steel grab rails
  • Water resistant glove box with 12v socket
  • Carbon effect dash
  • Lockable forward hatch/storage compartment
  • Lockable glove box concealing battery switch and 12v socket,
  • Speaker recesses,
  • Non slip foot rest,
  • Flush fit filler/ breather

Jcraft Atlantic console

Commander console

The Commander console is suitable for our 5m and 5.8m models and is designed as a two man sit astride. Again our unique design style maximizes usable deck space whilst still retaining a large fit-out area and benefits like the Atlantic console from internal flanging.

Bench seat

Sit back and relax in a bench seat. For our models we use an Outhill seat chosen by us for its versatility, comfort and roomy low seated character. The bench seat option is recommended feature if you intend to travel with children, disabled persons, or passengers not attired for pod seating

Jcraft bench seat

Features include a large watertight and lockable storage area that offers ample storage for valuables, leisure or safety equipment. Extremely useful is the backrests choice of forward or reverse positioning that enables the passenger to face out from the stern in comfort and watch or safely monitor action behind the craft when in sports action such as waterskiing.
Additional benefits in choosing this bench seat option is the increase in deck space as any outboard engine can be tilted fully when the backrest in the rear facing position.
Accessories avaliable for the Jcraft bench seat include an inbuilt 12v cooler that will keep your picnic, freshly caught fish, or survey samples chilled. 

Bow seat

All Jcraft models come as standard with raised bow seat and locker. Bow Seating cushion is avaliable as an extra.

Seating options

Each size option of our RIBs have a maximum number of passenger allowance but within this are many layout and seating combinations.
For advice on what is the best option for you and your chosen application please contact us

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